Saturday, August 17, 2013

Three awesome days

While I am punishing my body badly by going out every night for four nights straight, I can't help but smile at all the new friends I made - as well as connecting with those I really should have caught up with more often. 

Wednesday was all about sharing the joy of being entertained by a Vendor with my team. I know this sounds weird, but I once made peanuts but still manage to eat to eat at every Michelin restaurant in town - my guys don't know this as we act as vendor most of the time. 

So how did we blow this one out of the water? A 15 course Omakaze (chef's choice) at Roka Accor SF

A few close up of my faves..
This sushi- sashimi was served in an ice bucket carried by 3 waiters and covered out whole table. We were celebrities for a moment in time!

The most freakin awesome lamb chops. Ever. 

Even the desserts are funky. Sampler of a whole lot of flavors. 

And ever so grateful our hosts were so fun, and didn't talk business till the very last second. 

So how does one top this decadent experience?

Well, an industry friend works for a company that's known for their summer yacht party. But as the company got bigger, yachts became impractical so the solution is hire a whole concert venue - Bimbo 360 North Beach, SF, and bring that cruising feeling to you... Including

Yes indeed, it's an 80s cover band in sailor outfits

I am so grateful to have caught up - finally, in person - with two amazing ladies. Industry mentors of mine in fact. It reminds me how important it is to make time for people and things you love. 

And how does one top an open bar yacht party? Why, a night with legendary DJs, of course!

I am a house fans from way back - esp sounds from mid 90s Chicago. If you're tracking with this subject matter, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina would be names you bucket into this description and wouldn't you know, they played last night!!!

They chose the most awesome of venues - maybe deliberate since most of the party crowd would be 30+, given the acts playing. 

Monarch SF is a beautiful lounge upstairs, and a great dance space downstairs (with amazing air ventilation!). There is just something a little grown up about it, don't you think?


I danced my ass off to those deep beats - but not before connecting with yet more  causal acquaintances who turned out to be SO 6 degrees of separation with! More new friends :)

Finally... Grateful I now have the legs to rock an outfit like this (a flowing white t under the jacket)

So today is day 4: More amazement to come today!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Festival going... By myself

In Chicago, staying with a friend in Lincoln Park, thinking how I'm kinda exhausted already - 2 more days to go!

I am in town for work, as well as Lollapalooza. I spent many years steering away from festival because someone I loved dearly wasn't into them. But you know, as much as festivals can be a pain in the butt- they can be a fun music sampler!

Here are a few happy snaps..
Yep, didn't get in on day 1 till 6:30p! 

I bee-lined to New Order...

Then it's time for people watching before the last acts come on. Here is a typical example: American Apparel mannequins on the loose, with a guy who thought socks under Tevas on a muddy field is a good idea. 

Yes, it does say Lobster Corndog. The lobster sounds so tortured. I was tortured- the queue didn't move forever. 

Plan B: burgers. It wasn't good. And the guy in front of me was ordering for 6!

Really strong last acts of the day- choices! The Killers, NiN, Steve Aoki and Lana del Rey. 

I stayed with the Killers for maybe 1/4 of the set...

before heading to Perry's stage for Aoki and danced my ass off. 

Grateful for everything I got up to, and had the confidence to do it by myself!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Killing bugs

Not a particularly cool moment, but I am extremely  grateful  for modern medicine, accidental discoveries and an opportunity to learn about my body. 

So I've been under the weather for almost a week - stomach aches, back aches and just weird sensation in GI region. I went and bought Pepto - have never done so. 

Oh boy, did I get it wrong Theaches wasn't from doing too many sit-ups or back bending moves. Or too rich of a diet.I had a bacterial infection. 

On these horse pills for a few days. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

Grateful for good health, always!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

These two things don't go together

I did a naughty, naughty thing on Wednesday...

She made me!

The gym was out of rails. Really, every bike space was taken. 

The staff was ok with people docking near the 'clear' area, with permission. 

I guess I'm special? Got to be grateful about being given a VIP parking spot!

Walking the Mission: public service announcement!

Now don't freak out. 

I was walking to the climb gym today and came across something you may want to avoid. 

I mean, it is contained so it wouldn't be too bad. But just want to warn you about it. 

By that, I mean...


House full of mimes. 

Ohh yeah ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Head below my feet

I didn't grow up doing headstands, handstands, cartwheels, any kinds of rolls and gymnastics stuff like that. 

The more my head is below my feet, the more uncomfortable. 

But in Pole, they all play an important part in connecting the spins. After some perseverance, I am grateful that I could now shoulder roll;

And then get into a head hand with heels on!!!

And a handstand too!!!

Woo hoo!!! That is pretty cool :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

feeling young and crazy again

Not that I have been feeling old, but I was quite settled in a homely way last few years. While playing house was nice and comforting - I forgot that going wild is part of my personality. I am a scorpio, for crying out out!

I am grateful for all the new people I met, my wingmen and wingwomen - and my liver for holding up. Correct, I am officially on detox.

So here is a pictorial run down* of events this past weekend

*Pics borrowed from the internet, not my own since I was too busy being in the moment


(or so I tried to - my splits and shoulder flex are getting much better!)

But wait... there's more...
           +       +     + +   

and then.. 



Yep, it was a big weekend!